The Kalaber J1

This project was born more than 20 years ago in Prescott, Arizona.  At the time, Mark was part of the rescue team for the Yavapai county and he saw the necessity of having a vehicle capable of getting anywhere.  Mark had a vision of what he needed in order to serve his community.  Soon after, he started the Kalaber J1 project.  The name was inspire in his family; Kalaber for two of his daughters Kali and Amber and J1 after his wife Jill.  The 1 because is the only one of it's kind.

Guts of 1973 131" Dodge-Chassis wheelbase.
Splitting the hood and grill.
Beginning of widening & lengthening.

Mark holding the windshield.

2 Jeep Tailgates.

CJ7 back half tub with CJ8 fender well inserts.

Double length grill

1979 3/4 Ton Dodge Chassis 440 Engine 131"W.B.

Tha Kalaber J1 at the SEMA Show in 2012

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