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We are currently processing all orders by hand.  The reason behind this is to ensure the shipping costs is accurate and fair, as well as other fees that might apply.  A quick email to us with the shipping zip code and the product that you want it's what we need to start.  After that, we will email you back with the total and breakdown of the charges.  At that point if you are ready to submit an order we will ask you for your credit card information.  We use square to process the transaction which protect us both.  It is secure, fast and reliable.  You have probably seen the square when you visit some farmer markets or small businesses.
For inside The United States we ship with UPS and USPS for international shipping.

Esteban Segura-Ramirez
Marketing - Sales
Kalaber Creations, Inc
Phone: (480)773-0449


  1. email address not working returned as unknown.
    Hi Esteban,
    During the open house I asked for a nose rack to be ordered. After thinking about it I would like a reverse tank mounted shifter also. If there’s one that fits a 2016 a dual stick for reverse and 2wd would be awesome.

    I have heard there are issues with both on the 2016 models. Figure Mark can make anything work.

    I have a Russian two into one high stainless steel exhaust coming. Very inexpensive but may take some of Marks magic to make it fir.

    The skid plates working well. Put it through some tough off road and they stopped damage to engine and sidecar.

    Still working on new crash bar /w fuel injector projector. Hope to have something to show you both in a month or two. Personal stuff taking up a lot of time right now.

    Thanks again
    Al Foitag
    p.s. see at the overland expo

    1. Al,

      Thank you for contacting us, I have forward the email to Mark. Looks like you are missing an "n" in my email after my name. :)