Monday, October 2, 2017

Why should you convert your Ural?

Why should you convert your Ural using Kalaber Creations Conversion Kit?

By Esteban Segura-Ramirez

Ural motorcycles are some of the most versatile sidecar bikes out there.  They are available in 2WD if this is something you are looking for. Urals bring smiles and joy to all people around them.  They are a life style and their owners take proud of that. So, if they are so awesome as they are, Why should you convert it in to an "Ural Gear Up Kalaber Creations?" Simply, because you can and we make that possible.  There are mix feelings about their reliability and quality between their owners.  The true is that every case and bike is different, as well as the rider habits, driving experience and techniques.  However, one thing is for sure, you want to create memories, experiences and somehow get your money back.  We can all agree on that one.  So, whether you want your rig to be a show off and never have a scratch on it or you want to cross the state, country or continent, you need to protect your investment the best you can.  We manufacture 3 main products that allows you to protect your bike while giving you access to reach more places with your bike.  This live streaming video in a very informal way but honest and chill, shows you the accessories and our very first converted Ural!

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